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スティーブ・コーンウェル CORNWELL, Steve

職       位 Professor
最終学歴 Temple University, Ed.D. Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology in Education

Temple University, Ed.D.

School for International Training, M.A.T.

Virginia Tech, M.F.A.

Wake Forest University, M.A.


Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

International Academic Forum (IAFOR)


Identity and Investment in Language Learning

Second Language Writing

Online teaching and learning


Second Language Writing

Second Language Acquisition

Language Research in Asia

四年制科目 二年制科目 四大・短大共通科目名
Academic Writing    
Curriculum Design    
Teaching English as a Foreign Language    
GP Writing    
Graduation Project

オフィスアワー Some riddles have no final answers.
A few answerless riddles are still worth asking.
They are worth asking not for their answers, since they have none, but for what we do in struggling with them.
(Earl Stevick, Teaching Languages: A Way and Ways)

I'm looking forward to working with everyone--students, staff and faculty--as we struggle with new riddles!                                   

研究業績 代表的業績
タイトル 発行所 発行年月日 単著・共著の別
Selected research on second-language teaching and acquisition published in Japan in the years 2000–2006                                                       Language Teaching, Cambridge Univ. Press                                                                  2007/4/1 Joint
Negotiating Academic Practices, Identities, and
Relationships in a Doctoral Program: A Case from an
Overseas Institution in Japan
TESL-EJ  2006/9/1 Joint
Language Investment, Possible Selves, and Marginalization inside a Japanese Junior College.   Temple University 2005/2/1 Individual


タイトル 発行所 発行年月日 単著・共著の別
New ways in teacher education  TESOL, Inc. 1993 Joint (Ed.)




タイトル 掲載誌 発行年月日 単著・共著の別

Selected research on Second Language teaching and acquisition published in Japan in the years 2000-2006 

Language Teaching 2007 Joint

Negotiating Academic Practices, Identities, and Relationships in a Doctoral Program: A Case from an Overseas Institution in Japan 2006 

TESL-EJ Vol 10, Issue 2   2006 Joint
The role of a national teachers’ association in teacher training  The Teacher Trainer Vol. 20, Issue , 8-11.  2006  Joint 
Co-Constructing a Community of Qualitative Researchers   Communities of Supportive Professionals 2005 Joint
Establishing a Valid, Reliable Measure of Writing Apprehension Jalt Journal (Vol.22, No.1)  2000   



タイトル 発行所 発行年月日 単著・共著の別

Four Days in Taiwan : Culture and English Communication Between Japanese and Taiwanese Students 

Osaka Jogakuin College Kiyo, 33, 2006 Joint
Implementing Criterion : Initial Findings  Osaka Jogakuin 4 yr. College Kiyo, 2, 53-62  2005  Joint 
Getting Started Teaching Online.   Osaka Jogakuin 4 yr. College Kiyo, 2, 43-52. 2005  Individual 
Report on the 9th OECD Japan Seminar on the Future of Universities.   Osaka Jogakuin 4 yr. College Kiyo 1, 73-94. 2004  Individual 
Vocabulary at OJJC: A review, an update, and some future directions.   Osaka Jogakuin College 33, 175-185  2003  Joint 

Resident or Zainichi Koreans in Japan : A Book Review of Koreans in Japan : Critical Voices from the Margin and Lives of Young Koreans in Japan 

Osaka Jogakuin College 33, 85-97  2003 Individual
The Scope of this collection: some Issues in Individual Differences Research  Individual Differences in Foreign Language Learning: Effects of Aptitude, Intelligence, and Motivation   2000 Joint



発表テーマ 団体名 開催日 場所
Answerless Riddles: Stories from Language Learning Classrooms (plenary session)
Mirror mirror on the wall, How can I be the best of them all? (plenary session on Reflective Practice)
Five things I have learned from my students

How to Get Published 

JALT 2007/5/1 Gifu

Alternative Classroom Assessments 

Bangladesh English Language Teachers Association  2007/2/1 Dhaka University, Bangladesh
Techniques to get the most out of your textbook  Bangladesh English Language Teachers Association 2006/3/1 Dhaka, Bangladesh
Language Classrooms as Learning Communities  JALT  2004/11/1  Fukuoka 
Ideology of Women's Education  JALT  2004/5/1  Kobe 
Language learner identity and participation in the face of national policy Symposia   AILA 13TH World Congress of Applied Linguistics  2002/12/1  Singapore 
The Transformation of Japanese Junior College Students  American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL)  2001/3/1  St. Louis, USA 
A pronunciation workshop for junior and senior high school teachers  Shiga Teacher Development Workshop, The Japan Center/ Michigan University  1999/10/1  Hikone, Shiga 



受賞名 受賞年





研究テーマ 期間 研究補助金名

Researching Writing Centers 

2007-2009 MEXT