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スコット・ジョンストン JOHNSTON, Scott

職位 Professor 

Michigan State University; Major: Curriculum, Teaching and Educational Policy

取得学位 Michigan State University, Ph.D.
所属学会と役職 NAFSA, 2010-present
The International Writing Centers Association, 2004-present
Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR), 2004- present
Japan Association of Language Teachers (JALT) 2003-present

Writing Centers; Study Abroad; Bilingualism;

Intercultural Communication


Researching how to improve study abroad learning opportunities;

四年制科目 二年制科目 四大・短大共通科目名 大学院前期課程(修士) 大学院後期課程(博士)
Women's Global Leadership

Participatory Learning
Methodology on Participatory Learning
Intercultural Communication    

Comparative Culture Studies    

Graduation Project    

I can help you learn, but you do the learning.

研究業績 代表的業績
タイトル 発行所 発行年月日 単著・共著の別
Internationalizing Campuses and Curricula Ryugaku: Explorations Study Abroad 2012 Individual
Evolution of Collaborative Learning on the Web: Japan and UAE SEITAR Journal of Intercultural Communication 2016 Joint


タイトル 発行所 発行年月日 単著・共著の別
Resource Teachers in Zimbabwe: The Challenges of Becoming a Teacher Leader While Trying to Change One's Own Beliefs and Practice.(Doctoral Dissertation) Michigan State University 2000/5/1 Individual



タイトル 掲載誌 発行年月日 単著・共著の別
Taking American Students for a Cultural Plunge into Japan and Avoiding the Tourist Experience & Returning to Japan: Initial Cultural Challenges New York: Nova Science
Publishers. (p. 237-255).
2006 Chapter in a book
A Japanese 3rd Grade Classroom: The Individual Within the Group Childhood Education,Vol 78(6), p. 342-348 2002 Individual
Integrating Japan into an Introductory Education Course Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education, Vol. 5(2).  Fall 2003 Individual
Professional Development in Zimbabwe: Rumbi—A Teacher and Teacher Leader Caught Between the Old and the New International Journal of Educational Policy, Research, and Practice. Vol. 4(2) 63-84. Summer 2003 Individual
Nuanced Communication in a Writing Center in Japan The Writing Lab Newsletter Vol. 33(4); 5-8 2008 Joint



タイトル 発行所 発行年月日 単著・共著の別
Implementing Criterion: Initial Findings Osaka Jogakuin Daigaku Kiyou, 2, p. 53-62 2006/3/1 Joint
Writing Centers in Japan and Asia
JALT 2009 Proceedings
2010 Jointl
Book review of National Standards and School Reform in Japan and the United States Education  About Asia. Vol. 9(2) Fall 2004 Individual
Using Videos to Compare K-12 Schooling and Society Within Japan Education About Asia, Vol. 7(1), 53-56  Spring 2002  Individual 
In Batsirai's Classroom  The World and I, p. 192-197  2000/11/1  Individual



発表テーマ 団体名 開催日 場所
Semester Abroad: Before, Moodle and After
Task-Based Learning Special Interest Group in Asia 2014 2014/5/17 Kinki University,Osaka, Japan
Inexpensive, yet Impactful, Ideas for Internationalization: Panel
NAFSA Conference
2013/5/31 St. Louis,Missouri, USA
A School Organized to Support Returnees and Doubles: A Case Study SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) Japan Annual Conference 2005/6/1 Rikkyo University, Tokyo
Short-term language study: Finding out what you do not know.
Presentation at Chiben Gakuen Junior/Senior Japanese Intercultural Institute
2012/11/11 Shirayuri College, Tokyo
Leading a Short-Term Course Abroad-The Case of Japan Developing Faculty Through International Exchange and Summer Internships: Panel discussant 2003/2/1 University of Wisconsin-Platteville, USA
Leading a Short-term course in Japan to study Education Carroll College Professional Development Colloquium 2002/4/1 Carroll College, Wisconsin, USA
Serving Bilingual Students and Families Conference on Language, Culture, Education Institute: Panel discussant 2002/3/1 University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, USA
Using Videos of Japanese Education to Understand Schooling in a U.S. Teacher Education Course Comparative and International Education Society 2002/3/1 Orlando, Florida, USA
Japan Education: Fact and Fiction Comparative and International Education Society 2001/11/1  Carroll College, Wisconsin, USA
Professional Development in Zimbabwe: The Challenge of Becoming a Teacher Leader While Trying to Change One's Own Beliefs and Practice Carroll College Faculty Colloquium 2001/4/1 Seattle, Washington, USA
Professional Development in Zimbabwe: Rumbi: A Resourceful Learner Caught Between the Old and the New American Educational Research Association Annual Conference 2000/3/1 San Antonio, Texas, USA
Using Films, Books, and Other Media from Asia in Your Teaching
Comparative & International Education Society (CIES) Annual Conference 1999/9/1  Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
Teachers' Workshops in Zimbabwe: Changed Practice But Changed Beliefs? Midwest Conference on Asian Studies in East Lansing, Michigan 1999/3/1 Toronto, Canada
Zimbabwe A-Level Science and Mathematics Resource Teachers’ Varying Responses to the Science Education In-Service Teacher Training Project (SEITT) Comparative & International Education Society (CIES) Annual Conference 1998/3/1 Buffalo, New York, USA
Conceptions of Teaching and Learning of a Group of A-Level Science and Mathematics Teachers Thirteenth Annual African Educational Research Symposium 1998/2/1 Ohio University, USA



受賞名 受賞年




研究テーマ 期間 研究補助金名
Investigating Models for Writing Centers 2007-2010 Japanese Ministry of Education Reserach Grant (No. 19520531) awarded 30 million yen
Incorporating Japan into the Education curriculum at Carroll College 2001 Wisconsin International Outreach Consortium (WIOC) awarded  $800
Student-produced videocases of minorities in the community 2001 Professional Development Grant from Carroll College of $1100 for video camera and equipment
International grant to visit Japan to organize a short-term course in Yokohama 2001 Grant of $900 from Carroll College International Programs
Carry out doctoral research in Zimbabwe 1996 National Science Foundation, International Programs, Dissertation Enhancement Award of $20,000
Year-long study of ChiShona at Michigan State University  1994-1996 US Department of Education Title VI Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship  (FLAS) ($10,000 and tuition paid)
Summer study of ChiShona in Zimbabwe summer 1995 US Department of Education Title VI Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship  (FLAS) ($10,000 and tuition paid)
Carry out preliminary research in Zimbabwe summer 1995 Walker Hill International Scholarship, MSU of $1200



MEXT textbook examiner for Junior and Senior High School, 2005-present
Editorial Team for International Journal of African & African American Studies (2004-present)
Randall Elementary School, Waukesha, Wisconsin (September 2002)
Arranged to bring a Japanese teacher to teach Japanese culture and language at the school through the International Internship Programs in Japan
Facilitated Carroll College and Randall partnership
Randall Elementary School PTA (September 2000-December 2003).
Randall Elementary School PTA (September 2000-December 2003).
Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme, Japanese Consulate (February 2001 & 2002)
Interview applicants hoping to participate in the year-long program
Kanagawa Prefectural Education Center (English Department) (1992)
Helped to organize and lead a five-day Intensive English Program 
Kanagawa Prefectural High School Teachers Association Japan (1987-1993)
Part of the group to develop the High School English test
Youth for Understanding Student Exchange Program (YFU) in Japan (1990-1993)
Led orientation programs for students participating in this program