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ポール・リダン LYDDON,Paul

Title Professor
Education University of Arizona
Degree Ph.D.
Professional Associations TESOL, AAAL, CALICO, ILTA etc.
Specialization Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Research Areas Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Learner Autonomy, Language Assessment
Courses for 2016
OJU Courses OJC Courses OJC/OJU Shared Courses
IRW 1 & 2 Integrated Studies 1 & 3  
Adv. Pres. & Disc. World News 1 & 2  
Topic Studies 1 & 2  
Office Hours by appointment
Some say the glass is half empty, others half full. But in truth each of our cups overflows with what we need as individuals to fulfill our own unique purpose in life. May we all eventually find our true purpose and the perfect happiness that comes from achieving it.

Representative Publications
Title Source Year Authorship
The development of L2 Japanese self-introductions in an asynchronous computer-mediated language exchange  Foreign Language Annals, 46, pp. 469-490, ACTFL 2013年 joint
Language learner autonomy, motivation, and proximal goal completion  JALT2012 Proceedings, pp. 160-169, JALT 2013年 single
The efficacy of corrective feedback and textual enhancement in promoting the acquisition of grammatical redundancies  Modern Language Journal, pp. 104-129, MLA 2011年 single
Other Research and Service Activities


Article Title Journal Year Authorship
Teaching grammatical voice to computer science majors: The case of less proficient English learners. English for Specific Purposes, 46, pp. 469-490. 2016 joint
The flip side of flipped language teaching. Critical CALL--Proceedings of the 2015 EUROCALL Conference, Padova, Italy, pp. 381-385. 2015 single
JALT forum: Reimagining contemporary EFL curricula. JALT2014 Conference Proceedings, pp. 89-105. Tokyo: JALT. 2015 single
A diagnostic approach to improving the pedagogical effectiveness of tutorial CALL materials CALL: Using, Learning, Knowing, EUROCALL 2012 Proceedings, pp. 192-197. 2012 joint
An evaluation of an automated approach to concept-based grammar instruction EUROCALL Review, 20(1), pp. 105-109. 2012 single
An exploration of a technology-enhanced approach to teaching the concept of grammatical voice  Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 34, pp. 137-141. 2012 single

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Title Sponsor Date Venue
The Flip Side of Flipped Language Teaching EUROCALL 27 Aug. 2015 Padova, Italy
Rendaku and Homophony The Phonological Society of Japan Phonology Forum 20 Aug. 2015 Osaka, Japan
Reimagining Contemporary EFL Curricula JALT 24 Nov. 2014 Tsukuba, Japan
Normalizing Autonomous Mobile Technology Use in the Language Learning Classroom EUROCALL 22 Aug. 2014 Groningen, The Netherlands
An evaluation of tablet computers for ubiquitous language learning  EUROCALL 11 Sept. 2013 Évora, Portugal

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Research Awards

Award Year
Selected Conference Paper, "Japanese university student self-motivation and language learning autonomy," The Language Teacher, 36(5), A Taste of JALT Special Issue  2012
Finalist, AERA Second Language Research SIG Outstanding Dissertation Award  2008 
1st Prize, SLAT Colloquium Poster Competition  2005 

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Research Theme Period Award Title
Identifying a Hierarchy of Rendaku Blocking Constraints  2014-2017 JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

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Volunteer Exhibit Translation for Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Hall
Fukushima Disaster Relief Fundraiser English Conversation Class 
Open Lecture Series Workshop: "English Challenge: Step Up Your Speaking Ability" 

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