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YMCA香港インターンシップ生interview 2012

by Akiko Okami posted at 2012-06-29 00:00 last modified 2012-12-11 12:57

大阪女学院大学では、今年も1か月間YMCA香港より2名のインターンシップ生をお迎えしました。 彼女たちは滞在中いろいろな経験しました。事務局内でのオフィスワーク、チャペルトーク、オープンキャンパスでの補助業務、大学での授業や大阪女学院中学のESSで中国語クラスのアシスタント、学内スピーキングラウンジでの英会話パートナーの業務を行いました。また、この映像も彼女たちが編集したものです。

Two students from universities in Hong Kong were sponsored by the Hong Kong YMCA for a summer internship program at Osaka Jogakuin University in June 2012. They had many experiences while in Osaka, including sightseeing, but more importantly they were assigned various types of office work, spoke at the university during chapel, helped as assistants in various campus programs, and worked as teaching assistants in classes, including Chinese lessons at Osaka Jogakuin Junior High School and cross-cultural studies courses at Osaka Jogakuin University. They also worked in the university’s English Lounge – part of the school’s Self-Access Study Support Center (SASSC). Their sense of purpose in doing the tasks they were assigned impressed the students at Osaka Jogakuin University. They also made a number of friends among OJU students and experienced life in another culture. We hope that this video will help you understand their work and the close relationships that formed between them and students at Osaka Jogakuin University.